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Service and Service Charge Schedule

Payment instructions for Canada Visa Application Centre services:

All applicants (in person or by courier/mail) who are submitting paper applications (with or without biometrics) must pay the Assisted Service – Paper Application fee. In addition, all applicants except those who must submit their Biometrics, will also need to pay the Package Transmission fee.

Determine your visa fee:

Check the IRCC Fee List to know what type of fees and the amount you must pay.

IMPORTANT: We inform you that as of 01 August 2019, the visa and biometrics fees must be paid only online on the IRCC website:

The following payment methods are available to pay visa and biometric fees:

  1. Please be advised that this payment must be done with a credit card valid to process online international transactions.
  2. For your comfort, you can opt to use the Self-Kiosk at the VAC to pay this fee.

Service Charges for Application Handling:

Payments for additional services, service charge and surcharge for collection Visa and Biometrics should be made in:

Banco de Occidente

Account: 260-00076-5

On behalf of: VFS Colombia S.A.S

Important Note:

If you need to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee of $85 (per person) / $170 (for a family of 2 or more)/ $255 (for a group of performing artists of 3 or more) covers the CVAC service charge for Package Transmission, with the exception of the following instances:

For any subsequent submissions of passport and/or documents after the package transmission, applicants will be required to pay the Package Transmission fee every time this request is made through the VAC.

Applicants who submit their passport or documents at a different VAC from the one where they initially provided biometrics, Package Transmission fees will apply.

If no package is transmitted at the time of biometric enrolment (when the application has been submitted online), the initial package transmission is included in the fee of $85 for biometric enrolment and package transmission.

All applicants who are submitting paper applications (with or without biometrics) will need to pay the Assisted Service – Paper Application fee.

If you do not need to provide biometrics and you are submitting your passport, documents, or both at the VAC, the Package Transmission fee will apply.

Service Charges for Services offered at the VAC from 02 November  2019:

Package transmission (per package) $14.99  38,975.00
Assisted Service - Paper Applications (per application) $15.78  41,030.00
Assisted Service – Online Forms (per form) $10.80  28,080.00
Assisted Service – Scanning (per page) $0.26  675.00
Self Service Workstation (per hour) $5.00  13,000.00
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Compliant Photography $5.96  15,495.00
Short Message Service (SMS) or mobile phone application $2.75  7,150.00
Photocopying (per page) $0.45  1,170.00
Printing (per page) $0.47  1,220.00
One-Way Courier Service – within city limits (per package) $15.48  40,250.00
One-Way Courier Service – outside city limits (per package) $20.80  54,080.00
Two-Way Courier Service – within city limits (per package) $32.39  84,215.00
Two-Way Courier Service – outside city limits (per package) $41.60  108,160.00
Premium Lounge
*Important Information
$104.00  270,400.00
USB Drive $10.25  26,650.00

  1. Applicants intending to use the self-service workstation at the VAC are requested to carry their own USB/pen drives.
  2. Please Note: The wait time at the self-assisted workstation will depend on the number of visitors for the day.

Please ensure you take your USB/pen drive back with you after the appointment, as it may contain important information. As per IRCC's guidelines, we are not permitted to retain any Personally Identifiable Information. If a device is left behind, a notification will be sent to you. If we do not receive revert in two days, the device will be destroyed.


Booking an appointment* with VFS Global to submit your Canada visa application is a free service. Beware of persons who may demand payment for it.

The Premium Lounge service, which is available at an extra charge, is optional, and availing it is at your sole discretion.

Opting for the Premium Lounge service does not guarantee faster processing or a positive decision on your application.

*To book an appointment, please visit: or

Call: 5715088184


Methods of Payment

List of types of payment accepted at the Canada Visa Application Centre for Service Charges.

  • Debit cards and credit cards (Visa and Master card only)
  • Payment on Banco de Occidente branch to the account: 260-00076-5 on behalf of VFS Colombia S.A.S